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m_id,title,description,date_start,date_end,total_issues,schedule,platform,country,language,publisher,logo,follows_id 10,"Drean Commodore",," 1-Dec-1985"," 1-Mar-1988",27,Monthly,Commodore,Argentina,Español,Proedi,/tables/mag_list/logo/logo-4.gif, 11,"Input Commodore","

Input Commodore, junto con sus hermanas, Input Sinclair e Input MSX descienden de la enciclopedia semanal inglesa Input.

"," 1-Sep-1985"," 1-Jun-1987",21,Monthly,Commodore,España,Español,"Ediciones Forum",/tables/mag_list/logo/logo_inputc.gif, 2,"K64 - Computación para todos","

Started publishing in April 1985, K64 was the most important multiplatform computing magazine of Argentina.

Initially focused on the publication of program listings, hardware projects and miscellaneous technical information, after the years it expanded the topic to include game reviews, coverage of international events and even got to publish in its pages, as a supplement, the first incarnation of Byte magazine Argentina.

From the 53rd renamed K News - Computer for all K64 and news in the computer center in the world and professional software reviews, gradually reducing the amount spent on home computers.

"," 1-Apr-1985"," 1-Jul-1989",59,Monthly,Multiformat,Argentina,Spanish,Proedi,/tables/mag_list/logo/logo.gif, 7,"Programación Popular","

The other most important computer magazine from Argentina in the '80s  (along wiht K64) , Programación Popular (Popular Programming) had a more educational approach.

Starting with issue 22 the name was shortened to simply Programación.

The magazine's mascot was SOFTI and in the beginning it accompanied the program listings in both illustrations and descriptions, as time passed, it was relegated to the reader mail section, named SOFTI Club.


"," 1-Apr-1985"," 1-Feb-1988",36,Monthly,Multiformat,Argentina,Spanish,"Ediciones del futuro",/tables/mag_list/logo/logo-1.gif, 9,"Tu Micro Commodore Mensual",," 1-May-1986",,,Monthly,"Commodore & Amiga",España,Español,Ingelek,/tables/mag_list/logo/logo-3.gif,"Tu Micro Commodore Semanal" 8,"Tu Micro Commodore Semanal",," 3-Dec-1985"," 8-Apr-1986",18,Weekly,Commodore,España,Español,Ingelek,/tables/mag_list/logo/logo-2.gif,