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Magazine List - Retromagazines

About Retromagazines


Along with the arrival of the personal computer to the home came a wide variety of printed material such as magazines, enciclopedies, newsletters and collectibles.
These were the main and often the only way for the users to access the information and knowledge needed to learn about the use and internal workings of their computers.

These first publications had an essential role in the formation of several generations of computer professionals and hobbists.

This is why they have not been forgotten, and a great deal of individual and grupal efforts to digitally preserve them have been made in the last years.

Our mission

The scanning projects of all this printed material have left us with a huge amount of files which take several Gigabytes of space, and can be a real headache when it comes to find that specific article we are looking.  Searching through these files can become even more slow and complicated than doing the same on a pile of the original paper material.

This what we aim to remedy with  Retromagazines, by creating a digital index of the greatest possible amount of digitally preserved computer magazines, enciclopedies and collectibles.

But there is more, we also want to preserve in native formats the programs which were included as "type-ins" in these publications. Many of these programs were submitted by readers as part of some contest or simply as collaborations, and there is a big possibility that no digital copy exists of them other than in scanned pages.

Policies and scope of the project

Any computer related, periodicaly published printed material lands within the scope of this project. Even if the main subject of the publication was not related with computers, in which case only the editions/fascicles and articles which relates to the project will be indexed.
Disk or tape magazines do not have a place in this project, for now...

Retromagazines is a non-profit endeavour, maintenance of the index is based on the volunteer work of enthusiasts who offer their time and expertise to preserve an important part of computer history.
As such, we expect to keep the site ad free and without links to downloads of publications still in print.

Retromagazines staff does not take responsability and do not guaranties the validity of the data inputted by it's users.

Retromagazines does not localy hosts any downloadable file of any of the indexed publications. Only external links towards third party scanning projects. Any particular claim should by directed to those sites.

All material, logos, cover and programs are property of their respective owners and are used here for informative/educative porpuses only.


Please use the following for any question or request: zines[arroba]retrocomputacion[dot]com

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